Family Membership is for all students learning from a Suzuki Teacher and it will be registered in the parents name.  Membership covers all members of the family.

Family Membership is $115 this year but if you join/renew before 1 March 2019, Early Bird fee is $95.  Please note that our membership runs from 1st February each year & expires on 31st January the following year.  (ie. from 1st February 2019 till 31st January 2020).

To join, please use our online 2019 Family Membership Form (click on the link).  Fill in all the details then press SUBMIT .  On the last page of the form, there are instructions on how to “Make A Payment“  to pay for the membership and what to do before you click the submit button.

To renew, if your details have not change, you can just renew your membership by paying online here:-
“Make A Payment“.  If you don’t remember your membership number, please put “Not Sure” and in the Details section please put your child/children’s name.