Suzuki Early Childhood Music (SECM) Membership are for students 0 – 5 years old who are not yet studying an instrument.

SECM Membership is $30 per year and please note that our membership runs from 1st February each year & expires on 31st January the following year.  (ie. from 1st February 2017 till 31st January 2018).


To join, please download Suzuki Early Childhood Membership Form
, fill in all the details than email the form to or you can fax it back to us on 02 9484 7851.
You can also pay online here:- “Make A Payment“ and after you have made the payment, send in the form with a note with your Payment Transaction Number.


To renew, if your details have not change, you can just renew your membership by paying online here:- “Make A Payment“. 
If you don’t remember your membership number, please put “Not Sure” and in the Details section please put your child/children’s name.


SECM 3 2013                                          SECM 2 2013