Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (NSW) is the only approved provider of Suzuki Teacher Training in NSW.

The primary goal of Suzuki Teachers is the development of the child’s full potential in particular the nurturing of the child’s well-being using music as the medium.

Our goal is to help children of all ages discover the beauty of music while developing real skills that will enhance all aspects of their lives.

The instruments currently taught are: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Flute, Guitar & Organ

We also have a Suzuki Early Childhood Music program for students 0-3yrs and 3-51/2 yrs with a specialised course for teachers to train in this area.

If you are passionate about helping children, have a sound grounding in music and would like to work with parents and their children, then Suzuki method might be the career for you.


The Association offers a Certificate III, IV & Diploma in Suzuki Pedagogy.

Both Cert III & IV courses in Suzuki Pedagogy are run in the 3rd week of January of each year and are a prerequisite for entry into the Diploma course.  Please refer here for more information on the timing and fees of the courses.  Trainees will be required to work with a supervisor for additional training sessions and observation of lessons.

The Diploma Course in Suzuki Pedagogy is run over two, 3 day training courses held in September of each year.  Please call Suzuki Office on Monday or Tuesday and speak to our Teacher Training Co-ordinator for more information of the timing and fees of the course.  The course is run over two years.  Additional observation and consultation with a supervisor is also required.

The Cert III in Suzuki Early Childhood Music is run in January & April of each year.  Please refer here for more information on the timing and fees of the course.

If you are interested in applying for Cert III Suzuki Pedagogy please print off the Certificate III – Introduction document, fill in the application form and email to Suzuki Office on

More questions about becoming a Suzuki Music Teacher?